Carl Zeiss, Dagas, Hoya

- Progressive, bifocal and single vision lenses

- Transition, polarising and sun-tint lenses

- Day and night driving lenses

- Swimming and safety goggle lenses.


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Based on our extensive experience in optical lenses, Optics1 team believes the quality of lenses determines the overall quality of any glasses.  In addition to in-house-lenses, Optics1 team also proudly presents world-renowned brand-name prescription lenses such as Zeiss (Germany), Dagas (Korea), and Hoya (Japan).

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Asian Fit glasses

High quality, and Lightweight Asian fit glasses and sunglasses.

Retro - vintage glasses

Our wide range of Retro - vintage frames available at affordable prices.

Kids Eyewear

We stock children glasses in many colors and shapes.

60 + YEARS


At Optics1, our team have a combined experience of 60+ years in optics. We have extensive knowledge on all lens types and are skilled at providing you with the most appropriate optical solution for your needs.

What people say

” Super  friendly and super fast. they reglazed my Persol glasses in 1 hour. Cost about half what I was quoted  from my usual optician. so happy to have found this place.. ”

Ed Howard

Quotation mark

” I’m so glad I found this company in Auckland. They made everything really easy and had my new lenses ready in an hour which meant that suddenly, I was no longer looking through damaged lenses and had clear vision!

I also bought a new pair of glasses that they immediately offered a discount on, I added transition lenses too.“

​​Mattew Thomas

Quotation mark

” Optics 1 have been my go – to for my glasses for 4 years now! Ally and Her team always go above and  beyond to help me find the best pair and best options for my deteriorating eyesight. I’m so grateful for Optics 1 for their incredible customer services. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be a lifetime customer!“

​​Keziah Sarmiento




We have thousands of stylish optical and sunglass frames to suit all shapes and taste. We add new styles every month. 

Have a look at our wide selection of products in store and professional team will be happy to help you find your perfect frame.

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AR coated lens

AR coated lens improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyes look more attractive.

AR coated




​First Item

2 Pairs of glasses

from $150

incl Single vision (1.55 hi-index)

Super clean AR coated lenses or

Sun-tint + back side AR coated lenses



We understand that when you're ready for better vision, you don't want to wait! That's why we have thousands of frames in stock available in our store so we can deliver your new glasses the same day for most single vision prescriptions.


We know what we’re doing. 

Optics 1 has its own on-site laboratory, and well trained technicians whose combined experience is over 60 years. We know what we’re doing. Superb quality-control, incredibly quick turnaround time, we just can’t wait to provide customer satisfaction.

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1.60 (super thin) +

bule light and UV protection + 

AR coated lens

Computers, smartphones, tablets, and televisions all emit blue light. Long exposure can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness. Blue light control lens gives you a more relaxed vision and better ocular health.

Blue Light Control lenses

$150  /  Pair


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